Wisconsin Attorney Michael Petersen

February 15, 2017
Long before he became Michael Petersen, attorney, he worked hard to get where he wanted to go, holding all sorts of odd jobs. He worked as a flooring installer at one point and he has also worked as an office assistant on his way to his current legal career. It is perhaps the long path he took that makes him a better attorney. When people hire Michael Petersen, attorney, they largely want him to help them through the criminal legal process. Among the crimes his clients have been charged with include nearly everything having to do with drugs, serious driving offenses, including DUI, domestic violence and even homicide.

Michael Petersen also handles a lot of personal injury cases, and he is active in administrative law and environmental law, but Michael Petersen considers his ability to get a not guilty verdict in cases others thought were too hard to be his best asset. At the foundation of his work as an attorney is a strong belief that the most important right anyone has is the right to be considered innocent until they are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It is the guiding principle behind his entire legal career and a key reason he has been so successful.